Because We Are All In This Together

New Jerusalem Ministries Center For Abused Children  is a faith based 501 (c)(3) organization therefore we service people from anywhere. Its domestic violence and sexual assault mission is to preserve the dignity of victims, provide nonjudgmental services that foster self-respect and independence in individuals experiencing intimate partner violence, and to lead the effort to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education.  For more information, visit

We are committed to the safety of adult and child survivors, and to holding offenders responsible and accountable for the violence they have committed. We recognize that maintaining the privacy of survivors and their children, and assuring the safety and confidentiality of the information they give is paramount.  We believe that survivors have a right to self-determination, involvement in the design of systems intended to provide them help, and to effective individual and community responses to the violence they have experienced. We require that any New Jerusalem Center For Abused Children’s contracted partners, or collaborators offer individualized, strengths-based services that are culturally sensitive and reflective of effective cross-cultural practice.   We make services available to all eligible individuals regardless of age, ethnicity/race, gender, religious preference, ability, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or income.

Our Housing Characteristics

Through innovative collaborations and partnerships with Real Estate Developers, Mental Health Professionals and Advocates CFAC  “Breathe… Heal… And Get Moving”  Homes are able to offer each guest the most comprehensive wrap around services under one roof  thereby reducing additional inconveniences while recovering from the traumatic events which lead them to becoming guest.  Such supportive services as:

  • Complete Comprehensive Case Management
  • Mental Health Services/Behavioral Health Services
  • Professional Counseling
  • Job Training & Preparation Support
  • Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing Assistance
  • Support Groups
  • Trauma Therapy and Workshops
  • Substance Abuse Counseling or Treatment Referral

Our homes feature will be:

  • Fully Furnished (Apartment Styles Homes)
  • Have activity space large enough for meetings
  • Have a resource library and computers alcoves for homework and job searching
  • Offer private space for holistic case management services
  • 24 Hours Staff Monitors and 24 Hours Security Camera Monitoring Systems
  • Children Play Therapy Area
  • And many more features

The Breathe Heal And Get Moving Model

  1. Enter into our emergency 30 days shelter (extension available)
  2. Upon completion successful the guest can qualify for transitional housing for up to 24 months
  3. Upon completing successful transitional living all participates will receive permanent supporting housing.


New Jerusalem Ministries (Center For Abused Children) “Breathe … Heal … And Get Moving “ Homes welcomes to partner with any domestic violence or sexual assault service organization nationally.  If your agency finds itself short of bed space we will be honor to assist. Just give us a call at 202-450-4014 and speak with Grace Contee.


Just so you will know that all staff  and volunteers has been cleared through:

  • Child and Family Service Agency (CFSA,
  • FBI Clearances, and
  • MPD records check;
  • Sexual Registry
  • All clinical staff are licensed in the District of Columbia and licensure on hand.


Gwen Pless -Director of Compliance and MOU/MOA/Partnerships

Grace Contee – Director of Emergency Housing

Website:  Ofc: 202-450-4014 or 202-450-4356


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