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Domestic Violence Part II

Assault on a Woman’s Worth What Protection Is Available Through The Legal System? Violent outbursts can occur at any time and can escalate when a husband senses or is informed his wife is leaving. A wife who is wise will … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Part 1

Assault on a Woman’s Worth Domestic violence id devastating. While abusive acts are committed by both men and women, approximately 95% of domestic violence victims are women. How many children are affected by this problem? And many of these women … Continue reading

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Because We Are All In This Together

New Jerusalem Ministries Center For Abused Children  is a faith based 501 (c)(3) organization therefore we service people from anywhere. Its domestic violence and sexual assault mission is to preserve the dignity of victims, provide nonjudgmental services that foster self-respect … Continue reading

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Turning Away Victims

“Last year how many times did Washington D.C. had to say ‘NO’ 1,740 times for emergency housing and 1,422 for emergency transitional housing. “These are just some of the women who sought help; who needed a safe place to go … Continue reading

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